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New hosting, new webpage 🙂 stay posted for updates that should hopefully come quickly 🙂

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Who, What, When, Where and Why?

Who – My name is Gregory Hammond and I am a qualified computer technician with 30 years experience

What – I fix commputers, from hardware & software installation to programming and multi-media designs

When – I normally work from 10am – 6pm week days, other times by appointment only

Where – In home servicing, you do not need to bundle it up for transport

Why – Building and fixing computers is fun! Well I think so, most of the time 🙂

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Computer Servicing – Hardware and Software


Virus :- Check and clean the computer, quarantine infected files

Spyware :- Remove spyware, toolbars and cookies

PuPs :- Remove Potentially unwanted Programs

Browers :- Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Email :- Install and configure POP3, IMAP clients for Australian ISP’s

OS :- Installation or upgrades to Windows and Linux operating systems

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Hello world!

Untested, Untried, Unwanted? Website building going on… nothing to see… move along 🙂

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